Seafood Ninja

Little History

My name is Adriana Sánchez. Some colleagues know me as Seafood Ninja (hence the name that stuck,) and for the past seven years I have worked as the Sustainability Director for Sea Delight, LLC, and the President the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, Inc, both family businesses based in Miami, FL. In these roles, I have had the opportunity to attend a variety of international workshops to discuss seafood sustainability and present a strong case for supporting Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) worldwide.  I have worked with FishWise to help shape Sea Delight’s company policies for seafood sustainability and traceability as well as develop strong business relationships and collaborations with the NGO partners of Sea Delight customers so that we can better serve their own seafood sustainability commitments.

During this journey, I have learned that there is a certain gap/disconnect between the work NGOs are committed to, and the industry they are trying to engage. I often see the usual suspects sitting in supplier roundtables or attending FIP workshops, and often wonder how we can successfully reach the middle of the supply chain and companies that are interested in joining the seafood sustainability movement but they do not know where to start.

Before a company is able to make commitments and decisions about their sourcing practices and how they can improve the fisheries they source from, they first need to undergo a process of introspective analysis of their business practices so that they can develop a strategy that makes sense for their business.

Unfortunately, many companies shy away from engaging in seafood sustainability because they “fear” the movement, they may feel it’s too “expensive,” or perhaps it is simply “too confusing.”

I believe that in order to have a meaningful impact in the fisheries we are trying to improve, we need to have strength in numbers and have commitments from industry players across the supply chain. I call this, “Sustainability for the masses.”

This is where I come in. I want to do for other companies, what I accomplished for Sea Delight and bridge the gap between your business and NGOs by helping you to strategize, focus, and commit.

Most importantly, my goal is to represent your business interests in the larger conversation and find common goals across sectors that we can support and would benefit everyone. Remember what I said earlier, about there being “strength in numbers”?