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Sustainability IS what you do to ENSURE the longevity of your business

September 15, 2017 Comments Off on Sustainability IS what you do to ENSURE the longevity of your business


I certainly do not believe that there is a magical blueprint that all companies must follow and that will guarantee success.

Truth is, there is no "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" when it comes to designing the best seafood sustainability strategy for your business.

Successful strategies are based on what your business needs are.

In my experience, I have been able to identify the following cases:

  1. Lack of Knowledge.  “Sustainability?” How do you define sustainability? What does it mean for your business? What do you mean I need a sustainability certificate?
  2. Looking for Access to Market. You have product X, and you want to sell to customer Y, and you need help understanding customer’s sustainability commitment and communicating with their NGO partner.
  3.  Stepping up your game. You know what sustainability means for your company and your customers, but so does your competitor. Now you need help gaining that competitive advantage in the market, increasing your company profile, and most importantly LEADING and SHAPING the sustainable seafood conversation.

Regardless of what your needs are. My goal is to help you identify those needs, develop a strategy that fits your company needs and culture, help you focus on prioritizing tasks, and make commitments that are feasible and cost effective.

Sustainability CAN be affordable


Your business interests will ALWAYS be represented

Helping industry become effective leaders and stakeholders in this movement is imperative. And in order for me to be a more effective leader myself, I also need to be well-rounded. The only way to accomplish that is through working with companies across the supply chain and learning not only what are their needs but also helping to identify the roadblocks to their success and work through those challenges with the help of the network I have developed.


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